A Western VFX guy in China

MOCO Shooting (General Lift)

Very interesting to see that some of the private TV stations are willing to spend the money for bigger compaigns like in this case for Sun TV and their Olympic Game trailer (my wife designed almost the whole CI for this wealthy channel, but because of a very well known state owned, so called ‘private’ driven post-house and their not existing business acumen unfortunately never ever happend…but this would be another long time story, … maybe later ?!?!). SO, they had the money to invite 2 guys from General lift for 800 USD/day to program the very simple straight forward moving (like a dolly) Moco rig, hmmmm… but since it was BFA (Beijing Film Academie’s) first ever attempted project to use such a big and expensive gear, foreign ‘experts’ had to be flown in. The only real difficult challenge was naturally the lighting, which had to match exterior scenes in different light conditions, since the moves were stored and used again at different locations around Beijing, but the studio scenes were shot first, so more difficult the unpredictable outdoor weather later, BUT this was actually my job to ensure that everything would blend seamlessly during the compositing stage. Not only the lighting had to be matched also that the whole thing would intentionally appear as ‘one’ scene without any transitions or cuts. A normal shooting day in China. I recorded the HD-SDI footage directly from the F900 (with a regular Fujinon HD glass and REC 709 Gamma Curve loaded) into a beefed up 8-core Mac with HD Raid and Kona3 card to check the framing against our pre-vized storyboard and our previously shot scenes, worked really well, OK, OK, i could have used the WAFIAN with Cineform codec to save money, but i couldn’t get the recorder in time, so i went down the uncompressed road,… the final clip later, since it is not even aired yet !!

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