A Western VFX guy in China

Technicolor Beijing

So here we go: I was the GM (General Manager) of the newly setup JV between Technicolor (by Thomson) and a well known Chinese television commercial post-house. Needless to say, without being too sarcastic, that this was a ‘difficult’ one, but that’s why i’ve got the job, because not many people actually have the endurance, experience and connections in the Chinese film industry like me, bullet proof in dealing with officials and their decendents, knowing all the hickups and difficulties of the West in dealing with the East. The usual reluctance in accepting each other’s common practices and without pointing fingers are some of our North American friends obviously not really educated enough in handling different cultural perspectives. Hollywood as well as Chinawood faces a steep learning curve…time will tell…it’s not my objective to judge here in this blog, i (“we” as a community of foreigners with many years in leading European and US VFX facilities and knowing the common pitfalls are just watching and wishing them ‘good luck’ in their future business endeavors. But having an expensive shop in Beijing is at least a nice ‘try’ to push the envelope as a international player… But see for yourself… BTW the first picture represents me with long hairs !!

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