A Western VFX guy in China

TV Series shooting in Sandong Province

I have been lately involved in a TV series shooting in a tiny but beautiful village in Sandong province, a well known story about the Japanese invasion back in those dark days of Chinese history and the resistance of local villagers and a funny story about a cow, which was nourishing both sides, the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ side, which resulted in being almost killed ?!?! A well known television commercial director’s first debut to step up to a film director, shot on HDCam, unfortunately not enough time for me to tweak (create a custom LUT) the internal Gamma Curves (F 900 with a set of Digi-Prime (Zeiss) lenses) to get a more filmic look (flat LOG style), so they just tried to avoid crushed blacks and clipped highlights. Also to record to highly compressed tape is a waste of headroom and resolution, but probably good enough for this kind of Chinese-Indie approach. As always -> no money, no time !! Next time i’ll try to be earlier involved to convince the DP and director to better listen to post/vfx guys like me to boost the level of quality and efficiency !! Anyway, a long way to go in China…So here are just some impressions of this shooting, during daytime temperature nice, but nightime *f…..g* (-12) cold, thanks to my good clothing and plenty of coffee we’ve had !!

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