A Western VFX guy in China

>> intelligent post << demoreel

Ohh, i forgot to mention that our collaboration named "intelligent post" will be pleased to kick out our first demoreel after the Chinese new year, lots of exciting stuff, a kick ass Houdini shop here in Beijing with own R&D site and constant input from coders of Side Effects itself and the rest of us, some DD, some ILM guys long time involved in local training of Chinese folks to demonstrate the world what can be done. But this later…just to give you some ideas…you have seen ‘Perfect Storm’…we have the ocean code.. and it looks fantastic…just to kick some asses here in Beijing and to prove some disbelievers wrong…but more later…stay tuned !!
PS: 4 RED’s are underway with Cook S4/i lens set and will lead the revolution in China, desktop 4K workflow included, Scratch for Conform and Sony’s SXRD 4K
projector with 10000 Ansi lumen, where ?? Ha, this is a secret  !!

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