A Western VFX guy in China

The BEST will win…

So here we go, what should i say: a cool loft in Chaoyang district, i am their VFX Supe and Lead Comper with another 120 !! folks, doing tests for Rainmaker, The Orphanage and others, pretty impressive what kind of transformation company XXX went through in the last year, nobody probably expected to see that kind of work from China, at least not from Chinese guys, BUT if their US clients are already afraid of loosing their core business to China than they must be on the right track to gain international recognition and i am somehow one of the reasons to give them a more competitive edge.

Here are screenshots from my tests i have done for Rainmaker:                                                                                                                              


                   1. original live plate                                                            2. jaw removed                                                     3. CG jaw (face) replacement

I did the jaw removal and comp in Shake, facial tracking with rough gemometry in PFTrack and the animation and fur was done by company XXX (Shave and a Haircut) in Maya.


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