A Western VFX guy in China

Nuke 5.2

OK, so now that i have got Nuke 5.2 and just finished my first comp, where i was using the 3D environment to displace a camera-mapped image to simulate footsteps of a guano, i must say that i really like Nuke’s channel architecture even though i think i am still much faster in Shake to these comps with a lot of separately rendered passes. Maybe because of the clarity of piping just in the mask layer for certain operations, which can be done of course in Nuke as well, but in the moment we rendered OpenEXR’s files it was sometimes confusing to choose the right control layer, you always have to switch back and forth to see what the actual layer was, whereas in Shake it was much faster to see which layer is used to restrict a certain operation. I think it is just a workflow thing and i have to get used to, BUT the rest i pretty much liked especially the 3D environment. 

We will also soon open a NUKE course here at IDD (www.iddcg.cn) which i will teach besides my successful Shake course and also help Base FX (www.base-fx.com) to make a smooth transition from Shake to NUKE.


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