A Western VFX guy in China


This one is special for me… i shot the first time with RED and even there are voices against that it can’t hold up to Genesis, F23 or others, i must say i am seriously impressed with the 4K resolution (i know just 3,2) and its nearly grain-free appearance. We shot 4K 2:1 to down sample to 2K 2:1 and after a simple one-light treatment in Cine Red (which is BTW impressive too) exported as DPX sequence to further do the final comp in Shake. I was a little bit puzzled first to be able to change basically everything from sensitivity (ISO/ASA) to White Balance, Tint, Temperature, etc. but once you get the concept of RAW it is pretty simple to get the a ‘look’ out of the box. Indeed a really geeky thing what RED throw on the market and for sure not everyone’s thing to take over the ‘colorist’s’ job as it necessitates more than just pushing buttons and a deeper understanding of the whole post-work-flow down the road, but for people who love ‘total control’ a heavenly dream came true.

For me for sure not the last time and we are hopefully soon going to shoot everything from TV-commercials to TV-movies and maybe act as second unit for feature films. Especially for cost-effective VFX shots RED is from now on my choice. Anyway, i want buy Scarlet when available and i am a huge fan of RED ONE, even if there are still some people concerned about reliability and matureness of such a system. For geeks like me who want be involved in the evolution of a revolutionary new digital cinema format definitely the right (RED) thing !!!


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