A Western VFX guy in China

Bubble Gum Crisis Trailer

At this moment we are dead busy with a trailer for Cannes. Bubble Gum Crisis is a successful Manga TV series which has been airing worldwide for the last 20 years. Now the Japanese copyright owners decided to make a feature film adaptation and try to sell the whole package at the Cannes Film festival this year. Since time is short, resources limited we had to very careful explore all the options available in letting this to become a reality. We have been brought in at the conceptual stage where the actual designs and the transition from 2D to 3D and further to real characters were not even decided. The production and the conceptual stage are running in parallel which means a logistical nightmare for the pipeline as models, animations, textures have to be constantly tweaked to address the wishes of our client and to ensure that the fan community will get what they would expect from a comic (Manga) adaptation. Our pipeline consists of Mental Ray for preview renders, Renderman Studio for final renders, Nuke for compositing, Maya for modeling and animation, Z-Brush for texturing, 3DSMax (Fume FX) for Particles and Houdini for FX animation. We’ve adopted the Open EXR standard for rendering and compositing and are pretty happy not to run into significant problemsuntil now.

Below you can see some production stills from the shooting with RED One and our ‘garage’ studio setup. The overall timeframe is 3 month from conceptual design to delivery. For a 1,5 min long trailer a pretty tight schedule… But hey, it wouldn’t be us if it would be easy !!




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