A Western VFX guy in China

VFX Talk Thread about the Chinese VFX Scene

Hi there,
i just want to recap forum activities on VFX Talk especially my thread about the Chinese VFX scene (Window into the Chinese VFX Scene) which caused a lot of turmoil but also attracted many interested readers since there was no real information available before this entry, at least it seems so. Especially in times where outsourcing is a ‘buzz’ word and many fear that their jobs in the West will be replaced with the ones in low labor countries like India or China.
If you have time please feel free to read through my really long blog entries to shed some light on the domestic scene here in China and also understand the obstacles to overcome if someone is willing to do their first steps in China. Until now i have seen many western setups failing and unless founders and operational executives have gone through rigorous management training in how to deal with Asian counterparts and how to cope with randomly and ever changing regulatory frameworks, failure is most likely.

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